And We Are Back Online

Migrating to a new computer is tough. This was the general setup for my new computer:

  • Prepare dual boot of Windows 8.1 and Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
  • Setup TeX development environment in Windows.
  • Setup C++11 in Ubuntu
  • Setup Cygwin in Windows
  • Setup an external hard drive for file sharing between Windows and Ubuntu
  • Setup Python Environment in both OS
  • OpenGL in Ubuntu
  • Setup emacs and CMake in Ubuntu
  • Build boost at a record time using -j8

I'm a person who is strongly driven by his objectives, and I am unable to tackle anything if I need to cure and itch first. For example if I have a code smell in an architecture, the thing gotta go way before continuing any further stuff.

From time to time I allow little details if it means pushing through something, but a working solution is only the first iteration of anything.

So I vouched to myself I wouldn't code a single line before learning and configuring emacs as a C++ IDE, and before learning CMake for OpenGL.

Why not Autotools?

CMake feels as if I am delegating certain things regarding construction. In a way I have a big problem with delegation. Thus learning to trust my CMake helps me develop more trust for taking advantage of third party knowledge.

After lots of studying on emacs, setting up packages, setting up freeglut and mesa all over again I could do my hello world of OpenGL.

And if you pay close attention...

I have OpenGL 4.4.0 331.38

I couldn't set up 331.67 even though you may find it over the web. The computer became unstable both times I tried it, I decided to stick to 38 for know until NVIDIA releases a new one.

Next in the list is OpenCL.