DevOps - Study Series: Collapsable Code after Compiling

Crafting the perfect configuration for your latex TeX4HT is a very tricky process. You become a surgeon, toying with every character and environment. Debugging is a mess, because you need a website first, and a configuration later. Plus, the configuration Hooks and Manuals are hard to find. I have not delved in the code of Tex4HT, I don't there is a way back from going there. I am very thankful for the help of Michal Hoftich in the TeX Stackenchange.

The first is securing that you compile you TeX main file using your configuration as follows:

htlatex MyTexFile.tex MyConfig.cfg  

This is as easy as it gets, try to place the rest of the things you want inside the configuration. For example, I want a css less configuration, and I don't want those crappy font thingies that latex puts in my html, so I use -css and \NoFonts respectively.

On Google Code Prettify

Google Code Prettify works good, but the generated code adds extra spans, spaces, and breaks, making the thing take way too much code. So I though it would be amazing to be able to collapse the code so that it does not get in the way.

LaTeX configuration to the rescue.

<div class="panel-group" id="accordion\CurSecHaddr">\Hnewline  
  <div class="panel panel-default">\Hnewline
    <a class="accordion-toggle" data-toggle="collapse" data-parent="\#accordion\CurSecHaddr" href="\#collapse\CurSecHaddr">\Hnewline
     <div class="panel-heading">\Hnewline
      <h4 class="panel-title">\Hnewline
                    <FONT style="font-size:15px" COLOR="\#FE2E2E">View Code</FONT> <span class="pull-right clickable"><i class="glyphicon glyphicon-chevron-up"></i></span>\Hnewline
    <div id="collapse\CurSecHaddr" class="panel-collapse collapse">\Hnewline
      <div class="panel-body">\Hnewline
                <pre class="prettyprint"><p>\Hnewline}}

And some JavaScript for that Chevron to work properly.

/* swap open/close side menu icons */
      // toggle icon
      $(this).find("i").toggleClass("glyphicon-chevron-up glyphicon-chevron-down");

So now I have collapsable code!

Collapsed code

Expanded code

Or check any code related to the WebSite in the repository GoodrichTamassiaGoldwasser