Spartan Developers

There was this guy, a developer, working on a new version of a product. The original product was built by 12 people on a timetable of 3 years, it has become a chimera where if you change a single method everything dies. 

Well, this guy, he is working on the new version of that chimera,  alone. On just any regular day he was having a trouble with something, I don't remember what exactly, maybe something with the execution tree,  or maybe it was that making an application multi user instead of single user had to be considered from the design phase, he seemed mostly unhappy with the lack of support and knowledge.

And then another co worker said something like an old sage from a mountain, without flinching or turning to look and without any sign of emotion, Yes, this spartan development it's really not good for developers. 

Another friend sent me this post made by Jeff Atwood at Coding Horror about Programming Jargon.  The one I remember the most is Jenga Code, I was trying to turn a 600+ line method into multiple smaller methods that would ultimately be 500- words. Sadly the whole thing crashes, even after checking every single memory address possible.

I work on multiple applications at once. I understand the frustration of being alone and that not even you client cares about what you are developing. You become just a tool in turning the other departments ideas to dreams come true. In a way I like it, I just hate the offices, it is not that they're hideous, it is that they'll start sucking up your motivation inch by inch as if your brain was dried up like a beef jerky on a 104 degree sun. My boss expects finished product, so in a way my Software Leader was, and it still is, the books I surround myself with. 

Creativity depletion

I feel burnout from time to time. It is awful feeling that way. You can note you are burned out when you sit in from of your computer and try to crank out solutions, but nothing comes out. You motivation was long gone by the door the day someone came and told you,  Yes, we'll get a team and turn this company upside down, and yet, the development teams are still the same after months gone.

The only cure I know is to force some "me" time from time to time. You may think you are wasting time but you gotta find your motivation wherever it is. I thank C++11, OpenGL, and Skyrim for helping me find my way back to code.

How to recover your happiness

Remember that time you wanted to get to know a girl and everything else started to fall apart, like pigeons falling from the sky on red day during the apocalypse.  And when you talked to her, whether it was good or bad, everything came back into its place. This had it's pros and cons of course, you were distracted and you believed that talking to this girl was the cure to making you awesome. But in reality, you were awesome there was just a stone in the way of you and your awesomeness.

Yesterday was an awful day. I was trying to compile pure c++11 code. Yet some of the features I wanted to try where not there, they where only in 4.8, and I had 4.6.  After installing I made a mess of my paths, my eclipse couldn't tell up from down anymore, and it's default, unerasable, unconfigurable, unstoppable default was 4.7. So I was kind of screwed. After hours of erasing, moving, updating, messing, I got OpenGL, and C++4.8.1 to run on my eclipse without problems.

Suddenly, life is good again, until the weekend comes, for in the weekend, Alduin must fall. Otherwise the pigeons will start falling from the sky again and the world would be a bleak and colorless place.