The C++ Backlog

Most of the time I'm developing using C++03, which is sad because I have to wait to get home to develop some C++11. Lately I've been trying to separate a C/C++ megamoth into C++ objects and a C driver implementation. This way I could test the C++ continuously and keep the main elsewhere.

Its was hell.

Hard to believe that for measly 3000 lines of code some globals could break my head so much.

It's important to keep up with the times, and the only way is to keep practicing. But before practicing we need to hear the experts talk about their intention on some tools...

And also the videos on Andrei Alexandrescu's Website, if I want to add something to his website I will still need to learn the basics of the D Programming Language.

List of C++ blogs to follow and never forget
Crazy Eddie's Herb Sutter's

List of important things to keep building