Using FontAwesome in your XeLaTeX document

Yesterday I downloaded FontAwesome.otf and saw that it had some new fonts that the XeLaTeX version does not have. So I decided to rebuild the package with the new otf directly from the repository. The symbols and memory addresses are already set and I could test it in my XeLaTeX.

Here is an example of how the sty file looks...

STY with memaddresses




\def\glass{{\FA \faGlass}}
\def\music{{\FA \faMusic}}
\def\search{{\FA \faSearch}}
\def\envelopeO{{\FA \faEnvelopeO}}
\def\heart{{\FA \faHeart}}
\def\star{{\FA \faStar}}
\def\starO{{\FA \faStarO}}

Steps for setting up and using

  1. \usepackage{fontawesome}

Click on the cat to see the demo and download the required files.

Github for FontAwesome

You wanna know why I updated the sty from the one from Honza Ustohal gist?

I wanted the f**ing fighter jet

Not only that, for some reason CTAN official version which is pretty up to date here from Xavier Danaux didn't work with my environment. So I was killing two birds with one stone this way.

You can also check the demo of how your sweet laTeX icons will look on your document here.