The Raspberry Pi's Arrival.

What's the Number one thing that is awesome about videogame applications compare to regular applications?

The User Inputs!

People will most likely tell you tons of reasons. But developing an application for bussiness will require a huge dataset in some SQL data base (most probably), or will require tons of inputs from several buttons like an Office Application, or what I want, a huge continuous stream of data.

It is awesome working with Standards. I have worked with wav, mp3, and flac before, and it is a lot of fun to convert between those formats, but in the end you'll also need user input to declare the source and output of your program.

There is only so much you can do by playing with console applications. The Applications in books stop being fun with real life projects.

You need to inject life into a project to enjoy it.

The solution

Enter my new and recently acquired (expensive in my country) Raspberry Pi.
The Gorgeously Sweet Raspberry Pi

It even looks like a racecar.

It has all the inputs I need (usb) and all the outputs I'll ever want (hdmi).

Look at those inputs omg!

Of course a cellphone is just as awesome of an application. But that's kind of outa my budget right now.

It even comes with a box

In a few months I'll get one of those SnapDragon APQ864T boards to get some sweet parallel programming going.

I love developing in house, it makes things better, happier, and more offline. My internet hasn't died on my in months, but when it dies, it dies for weeks, that would slow progress when working with a remote server.

So yeah... the future looks more awesome than even with all the tools there for the taking.