Using Gaming and Faqs as Technical Interview Questions

Disclaimer: The following is pure comedy :D

Today I realized that asking in a job interview "Do you use game guides or faqs when playing a videogame?" is an excellent question... here's why:

  • "So... Do you use game guides or faqs when playing a videogame?"
    • Dude, Faqs are for the weak
      • Means that you have a person who potentially likes to use brute force or he is one of those that prefer "the devil you know" instead of searching for a better solution.
    • "Ok, Faqs are for the weak... but you never even consider it?"
      • Well, once I finished the game I do check some info on what I may have missed
        • This means this guy is a doer. Roast the steak first, ask questions later. So if for some reason he uses brute force then it is because that's all he knows, but later will search for other ways of doing things.
    • Never, I play it on a harder mode
      • Means this guy gets onto a similar problem but of different magnitude, which seems a bit dangerous to me.
    • Once I am done I never return to a game
      • The motherload of evil, just imagine you have someone in your team that says "I'll get that feature out", a week later he makes THE COMMIT. Later on a wild bug appears and you open the commit and WHOA! WHO PUT 56 FILES IN HERE... WHAT!!!

But from time to time you see reasonable people:

  • There is a moment when I feel like I already spent too much time searching for something, I don't know if there is something exactly, but I want to move forward, that's when I use a Faq
    • "How much time exactly?"
    • That totally depends on the < factor > (The factor may be fun, chores, anything, think of it as a combination between DEADLINE and MOTIVATION)
      • These guys were, somewhere in the past, another stereotype, and they went through something so evil like Dark Souls or Ninja Gaiden or Battletoads for NES that their spirit is now broken and shattered in pieces. They game in moderation and choosing their battles carefully, just like they'll will do with your work objectives.

Or the military dude:

  • Yes, I print the faq, I grab my pen and start pumping out objectives, this game is going down baby!
    • This guy wants orders, and if you can keep up pumping him with orders according to his objectives you'll get what you want.

Or the perfectionist:

  • 100% percent or nothing, always... always use a guide
    • The guy that wants to build the impossible NOW, instead of moving towards it. These are dangerous guys, since they'll follow the Blizzard motto, "It's done when it's done".

Or the reviewer/pioneer:

  • I write the faqs man, there was this horrible bug in the game when you jump three times, do 4 swings, enter and exit, enter and exit, move to the next chapter, and jump again and PUFF you are in a twilight zone
    • These guys are self sufficient and usually crazy, just let them be and they'll work on it. They are pretty comfortable with going solo and only require motivation or the usual social contact.

Or the ignorant:

  • What are faqs?
    • I'll let you come to the conclusion with what to do with this kind.

Of course you may have a guy that is a combination of all of them and he just answers something like...